Friday, October 12, 2007

The New Website is Live

I am very excited to share that we officially launched the new website today! In a previous post I spoke about surrounding myself with people a lot smarter than me. Well, this was no exception. I called on a great friend (Gavin Taylor) to help me take a bunch of ideas I had jotted down on a scratch sheet of paper and turn it into an amazing website.

Even better, he developed the site in such a way that a layman like myself could easily manage and maintain it. Gavin would be the first to say the site is a work in progress, but I think it's great! Technically, this version of the website ( is only phase 1 of the website strategy.

I really wanted a website that was functional, easy to navigate, and had an overall "clean" look and feel.

I would really appreciate your comments and/or suggestions for improvement!


Kristinafh said...

Hi Joe!

Really great website - and most of all - great business idea. I have no doubt that you'll flourish.

Looking forward to some more of our 'catch phrases' turning up on your products.

All my best,

the Korys said...

I like the site, Joe -And the blog! It's good to see that you've found a new "Door"... It's inspiring!

Joe Ingersoll said...

Hi Kristina and Mark!

Great to hear from you both. I really appreciate your comments. I hope you are doing well. Talk to you again soon.